Corfri Group


Since 1984

Corfri was founded in 1984 by Mr. Jean Fribourg in order to develop activities in the commercial refrigeration systems sector, while holding key management positions in several distribution and industrial groups at international level.

Thirteen years later, in 1997 the Group included fourteen companies due to new acquisitions and start-ups with an outstanding annual average return of 22%. At this time, the Group started a divestment process ending in 2004 with the sale of the last company to the Carrier Group.

Since 2004, Corfri adpoted a new strategy focused on risk diversification, implementing several investment strategies to reinvest the proceeds of former subsidiaries sales.

As a consequence, the Group reinforced investments in Real Estate and started focussing in financial assets as Corporate Bonds, Listed Equity, Private Equity and Venture Capital.